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Cataclisma Improvisation Festival 2020 Digital Edition

Brace, brace. Cataclisma is back. The third edition of the festival goes digital. This is a tough decision and we have thought a lot about it, but it is the best option given the circumstances of our timeline. And we want to make the best out of these circumstances! That's why we've worked so hard on a terrific line up. It's because we want the cataclysmic wave to hit you hard, even through the speakers of your stereo system! On November 20th we released 4 episodes of a podcast with the improvisations commissioned to a selection of the most interesting musicians (and not only) on the international scene. We interviewed the musicians to understand how they are doing in this difficult moment.



We also had a column dedicated to other european festivals, a twinning to continue building bridges in Europe and around the world. Cataclisma destroys, cataclisma builds! Precisely because the third edition is digital we decided not to lose sight of the physicality and tangibility of things and organize a release event (according to the restrictions) in Rotterdam where Pietro was lockdowned.

The Podcast released in november 2020 in four purchasable chapters is now available for free, sliced in handy 11 episodes!

Visit our podcast section or our Bandcamp Archive to listen for the music, the sound art and the interviews of the guest of the Cataclisma.


Do not forget to support the festival buying the tees and postcards from our shop!






Cataclisma 2020 graphic design by Louis Moeckel

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