C A T A C L I S M A 2 0 1 9

Cataclisma Improvisation Festival 2019

The second edition of the festival, held in Salvaterra on September the 14th/21th 2019, guested eterogeneous artists. The first night of the festival Katia Vonna Beltran, visual artist, VJ and photographer from France living now in Berlin performed an improvised live cinema set with the music of Crisis Ensemble - the 4et project a.k.a. Marco Bussi at Piano, Pietro Frigato at Guitars, Davide Rossato at the Percussions and Daniel Savio at Guitars Objects and Preparations. The second night of C.I.F. saw on the stage Minus - Collettivo d'improvvisazione (Matteo Pastorello and Simone Faraci, Live electronics and Filippo Cassani at the Saxophones) and Pietro Frigato, Marco Bussi and Gianluca Cucco (trumpets) from Ensemble Collettivo Crisis.


Ensemble Collettivo Crisis the 4et project
Katia Vonna Beltran - Visual art
Minus - Collettivo d'improvvisazione
Gianluca Cucco - Trumpets

The festival is designed and implementated by "Ensemble Collettivo Crisis" and "Infinitamente Aps".
Partners of the the second ed. of the festival are:
ATS Salvaterra, Centro di Documentazione Polesano - Onlus.


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