Cataclisma Improvisation Festival is a space dedicated to improvisation and musical research. The dissemination of musical experimentation and the connection of the outskirts of Rovigo (IT) with European and world cultural centres are its main and core aims.

Making art in the periphery of the world

The imbalance in Cultural access and offer between big metropolis and the periphery (suburbs, dormitory suburbs, countrysides, small cities, villages, slums) is fastly growing. The cultural and artistic surplus in the big cities, and their high gravity in actracting artists and musicians (that often understendably never go back) is drying artistic possibilities up from the periphery of the world. The cultural poverty creates inequality. The difference between big cultural poles and the suburbs is day after day more noticeable and affects the political and social life of everyone (the national or international political elections as a fast example).
With our festival we want to build up bridges from the metropolis of culture, to create rich, new, deep artistic events, to keep them in the periphery and to give to the people who live here the tools to fully understand them.




The villa

The Festival is held in a XVIII century venetian villa, located in the fancy country side of the small town of Badia Polesine near to Rovigo. The Villa has an artistic and historical value but a symbolic value as well, it was indeed expropriate in the 90s to his last owner, a criminal who committed unlawful acts linked to the mafia and the organized crime. The Villa was restored and given back to the community thanks to the association "Libera" and nowdays, social, artistic and researching projects are ongoing inside the house, as naturalistic and agricultural in the charming backyard. More info (only in Italian) about the villa at:

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