Marco Bussi and Pietro Frigato are the core of the Ensemble they co-founded in 2012. They share the interest in both free improvisation practice and contemporary classical composition and their music is a synthesis of the two experiences. They performed as improvisers in many festivals and concerts in Italy and Europe (The art of Improvisation in Hamburg, Oooh festival London, Oooh festival Ragusa, Rencontre II Bologna and many other)

Pietro Frigato – Guitars

Marco Bussi – Piano / Live electronics


From the end of 2018 the Ensemble started a new project introducing new members Davide Rossato (percussions and drums), and Daniel Savio (guitars and objects). The quartet wants to deepen critically the practice of free improvisation in a crossover context. The core of Ensemble collettivo crisis indeed has a classical background while Davide and Daniel, (a duo themselves called polybobby) comes from jazz oriented studyes.

Pietro Frigato – Guitars

Marco Bussi – Piano / Live electronics

Daniel Savio – Guitars and objects

Davide Rossato – Drums and percussions


The music research is one of the first aim of the Ensemble. Composition is the best way to give back the results of the music research in an critical artistic way. The composition side of the Ensemble is lead by Pietro Frigato and Marco Bussi that nowdays are focusing their interest in the relationship between the performer and the live electronics, the improvisation as a relationship and a way to interact between performers and between performers and live electronics, and the active listening of the audience. They work on the idea of “opera aperta” and on music as an interacrive space artform.


Work list:

Daleth, for piano and live electronics (2017)

La chasse sauvage, for guitars and live electronics (2019)

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