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Ensemble Collettivo Crisis is a group of composers and performers focused on music research and production in the fields of new music, improvisation and contemporary arts. They are active since 2012, based in Rovigo, in the north-east of Italy. The collective is nowdays made by Pietro Frigato and Marco Bussi. The recent music production and research of Ensemble Collettivo Crisis investigates the unconscious formal paths and structures of free improvisation, and explores the concept of borders in music: sound/noise/silence, perception/non perception. The Ensemble is active in contemporary music composition as well, bringing improvisation in the score, deepening the idea of structuralism and expanding the possibilities of traditional instruments through live electronics and new technologies.

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Ensemble Collettivo Crisis è un gruppo di Compositori e Musicisti attivo dal 2012 nel territorio di Rovigo. Durante gli anni di attività il gruppo si è espresso in diverse formazioni, ora i membri attivi del collettivo sono il pianista e musicologo Marco Bussi e il compositore e chitarrista Pietro Frigato. La produzione musicale del collettivo si articola su soggetti d'indagine di chiara derivazione contemporanea con una forte tendenza all'esplorazione dei territori liminari inerenti il musicale: suono/rumore, percezione/non percezione. I lavori più recenti sono volti alla ricerca sui percorsi formali inconsci nell'improvvisazione libera e sulle possibilità timbriche del Pianoforte e della chitarra elettrica espanse dall'uso delle live electronics. L'Ensemble Collettivo Crisis affianca all'attività di improvvisatori e performers quella di compositori, portando l'improvvisazione nella partitura, approfondendo lo strutturalismo in musica ed ampliando le possibilità sonore degli strumenti tradizionali tramite l'utilizzo del live electronics e delle nuove tecnologie.


P I E T R O · F R I G A T O

Pietro Frigato Composer and E-Guitar player, based in Rovigo, Italy starts studing guitar in the early years of his life and at the age of 12 begins to attend the class of Clarinet at the conservatoire "F. Venezze" in Rovigo. During the secondary school he approaches to electric guitar world, taking part to several rock'n'roll projects. He started studing composition at the age of 17 under the carismatic and inspiring guidance of Maestro Carlo De Pirro and after the clarinet diploma (2009), he focuses his studies in the research of a personal poetics and musical language. He graduated in composition in 2017 in the class of M° Andreina Costantini and M° Nicola Evangelisti. The most of his works are connected by the need to create and investigate the relationship between the composer, the performer and the audience, in this way, both free and guided improvvisation get a valuable importance in his research. He takes part to several masterclasses with the composers Tristan Murail, Claudio Ambrosini, Azio Corghi, Andrea Agostini, Francasco La Licata, Paolo Aralla Sonia Bo and many others. In 2016 he studied composition in the "Hochschule fur musik und theatre" of Hamburg with the professor Xiaoyang Chen, and free improvisation with the prof. Vlatko Kucan. In 2012 He co-founded the "Ensemble Collettivo Crisis", a group of composers and performers who practices and performs collective composition and improvvisation in the field of contemporary music. In 2014 he created the F:A:M: fucina artistica musicale ("musical and artistic forge"), an educational project in which the music teachers can research and develops custom, non-standard, maieutical and innovative way to teach music and to improve the student's creativity and artistic freedom.

M A R C O · B U S S I

Musicolgist and pianist, Marco Bussi started playing piano at five. In 2012 he graduated at the Conservatory “F. Venezze” in Rovigo where he is currently studying Composition with professors Andreina Costantini and Nicola Evangelisti. In 2015 he gained a MA in Musicolgy at the University of Pavia. He is interested in musical disciplines at 360-degrees and he works mainly on Twentieth Century Music Theory and on Music Cognition. He attended several Composition Masterclasses held by Tristan Murail, Claudio Ambrosini, Andrea Agostini, Francesco La Licata, Sonia Bo, Francesco Pavan among others; and also Piano Masterclasses held by Alessandro Specchi, Pietro di Maria, Sven Brich. In 2015 he worked at the Music Cognition Lab at Queen Mary University of London. During this period, he collaborated with prof. Marcus Pearce at the implementation of computational model for Machine Learning. In 2012 he co-founded the “Ensemble Collettivo Crisis” formed by composers and musicians who practice collective composition, experimental improvisation and contemporary music research. His research is oriented mainly on electronic and electroacustic music as well as on the implementation of automatic procedures for composition and execution. He is also interested in human-machine interaction and in experimental improvisation as a way to establish archetypical procedures of music communication.

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